Outward expressions of sadness never sat more uneasily with the repressed British psyche than during the 1940s, when great efforts were made to mask depths of dark mood and deny them any physical language.

Film director David Lean's Brief Encounter, for example, offers an enduring depiction of desperately stifled passions, portraying a time when feelings were regarded as grotesque, uncivilised manifestations of visceral emotion to be hidden from the outside world.

In Sadness; A Portrait, I have sought to explore these profound emotional states, imagining Grief, Shame, Hopelessness and Sadness in a highly stylised 1940s Great Britain, with my models’ naked vulnerability explicitly betrayed through body, form, tension and space in spite of their efforts to refuse eye contact with you, the uninvited viewer.

I would like to thank Bean Downes, Bartek Szadura, Juni Ross, Carmen Smith, Shiv Ashman, the amazingly talented Inma Arzion, Andrew P. Mexi Yiallouros, Eleanor Cooper, Charlie Buckitt, Chloe Huntle, Maggie Clunie and Gareth Eames-Jones, because without all your help and hard work this project would not have been possible.